Pink & Red Collar Crime has hit my home literally

This week I received a letter from my water provider stating they were the victim of a $200k theft. The letter went on to state the alleged perpetrator had taken their life.

From the Bend Bulletin “An investigation by the Deschutes County District Attorney’s office alleged that Danielle Phillips, who went by “Danee,” used a company credit card to pay for $20,000 worth of personal trips, including a trip to Disney World that she claimed as company business.” #disney


Any HR attorneys out there can respond to this “The day after she was put on leave, Phillips erased payroll and direct deposit data without permission, according to the DA’s report.” You remove an employee’s access in cases like this.

“What we’re seeing in our society is that type of crime is becoming much more common,” Horrell said. Horrell added that, while he was angry about the money, he & other employees were shocked and saddened when they heard about the suicide.

“She didn’t have to do that, because it was just money,” he said.

This is a tragic turn of events. When people think that embezzlement won’t happen to them they need to understand it can happen anywhere. This is the second H20 district embezzlement within a radius of 100 miles this year.