Can Men Be Pink Collar Criminals?

This question is posed to me often enough that I thought I should address it. The quick and short answer is yes. Here is a recent case:

This case was discovered while Rodolfo Olivas, 46, was on vacation. Not taking vacations is a #pinkflag but maybe Olivas was so comfortable in his position that he thought he could take a luxury vacation and still not get caught.

I had a case while I was the fraud analyst at a local sheriff’s office where the perpetrator was male. He worked for a homeowner’s association and stole for his family. He had an ill child and “upshopped” on the HOA's credit card.

Although most of my stories are about women committing #pinkcollarcrime, it is the position of the job that is key not the sex. It just happens that there are many more office managers, bookkeepers and other similar positions that are filled by women. According to the IAAP: Men make up only 1 percent of members in the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP), the trade organization, and no more than 5 percent of the total US population of secretaries/administrative assistants, says Rick Stroud, IAAP's communications manager. ( As I have previously called out the gender difference in CEO type positions it is only right to also note the gender differences in administrative positions. Here is a great chart about the breakdown by gender in the workplace:

As my colleagues know I am here to educate about #embezzlement and #fraud. What do you think? Have you had men committing pink collar crimes?