CBS Pink Collar Crimes Episode 1 Recap

Bank robberies are not pink collar crimes. Bank robberies are violent crimes. I could leave it at that but they did get her first bad act right. Roxanne, feeling financially desperate, falsified a document that gave her a $4,000 commission check. Roxanne was caught by her supervisor. She was fired. This is a pink collar crime. Her boss said they would prosecute her if she did not pay back the stolen $4,000. I always guide employers to go to law enforcement but they didn’t in this case. Had Roxanne been prosecuted I doubt she would have become a bank robber. Ironically, she is in a bank that gets robbed and it gives her the idea to rob banks. #icantmakethisup I checked into Twitter and found many tweets about Roxanne. Most people did not find her to be sympathetic. I did not find her to be sympathetic or remorseful. I wonder why she did the show. It really had nothing besides a poor financial condition that I have seen in my cases. I’ll stay tuned but so far I’m disappointed. Hopefully, they will show a long-term employee that is like part of the family who goes into work every day and steals petty amounts. She will be caught by accident and confess. The money will be gone having been spent on lifestyle, gambling and going to Disney.