CBS Pink Collar Crimes Episode 5 Recap


Finally a real pink collar criminal. Lizzy Mulder of Laguna Beach pretended to be a CPA who graduated from Pepperdine University. Actually, she took a couple of classes at a community college. She lived the lifestyle of a successful person according to all her “friends.” She told her clients they “needed someone they could trust.”

Married to a firefighter with 2 adorable girls she appeared to have it all. She didn’t have a criminal history which is not unusual according to the ACFE Report to the Nations.

What she didn’t have in common with many pink collar criminals:

  • no confession (did she do this before?)
  • the ways in which she manipulated the search warrant (also makes me think she did this before)
  • she was a “sociopath” according to the detective who investigated the case
  • her husband went to the police with concerns

Another interesting part of the episode was the sheer audacity of Mulder. She started stealing when one of her clients went to rehab for his opioid addiction. The fact that she took advantage of him while at such a low point is low.

Mulder had at least 8-10 victims who were at her sentencing hearing for the victim impact statements. Mulder received the maximum sentence of 63 months.

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