Catch Me If You Can: Today's Pink Collar Criminal

I decided to make a big change to my program and logo. This has been a tough decision but because the ultimate goal is to educate small business owners, investigators, and auditors about embezzlement I think it needed to be done.

Sometimes I have received pushback about the title: Catch Her If You Can. Some say it is profiling or sexist. Anyone who has seen my presentation knows how passionate I am about women's’ rights.

Because it is the position and not the gender I wanted to make it better reflect that. Men can be pink collar criminals.

Daly starts her paper “Studies of gender and crime draw primarily on official arrest statistics. From such studies we learn a good deal about the frequency, but almost nothing of the nature, of men’s and women’s illegalities. The gaps are especially acute for white-collar crime.”

I am not a criminologist or an academic. I speak and teach to those who want to better understand the dynamics of embezzlement. I have been doing this since 2009. I investigate, study, interview subjects, and victims of embezzlement. I will continue to do this with the support of my colleagues. The title has changed but not much else except continuing to get the message out.