CBS Pink Collar Crimes Episode 8 Recap

Season finale and hopefully series finale!

They actually did a story on a true pink collar criminal. Providence Hogan stole $82k from the school PTA.

Hogan stated “it was a drama, comedy, and tragedy.” “Anybody can do what Providence did.” “We all loved her,” said a client and a friend.

When the recession hit in 2008 her business started to flounder. She fell behind in rent and taxes. “I couldn’t figure how to make ends meet.”

“Writing the check was a relief the first time.”

When the gig was up Hogan confessed to the co-treasurer and then went to the police station to turn herself in. Marcia Clark discusses how no one ever confesses in all her experience. “I’ve worked hundreds of cases as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney and in all those years, criminals have waltzed into a police station and confessed, exactly never. Usually, it takes hours of interrogation and mountains of evidence to get an admission of guilt and it almost never happens.”


In my experience, all my suspects have confessed and it has not taken much to get the confession. So many of the stories I write and tweet about have confessions.

I’ll keep working to educate about pink-collar crime.