Do you know what a micro-cation is? Do your employees take micro-cations? If they are millennials that is happening more often.

Micro-cations are mini-vacations that last less than a full week. What does that have to do with fraud and pink collar crime? Well, vacations should be mandatory. I can’t tell you how many cases come to light when someone is not able to make it into the workplace.

When an employee takes a micro-cation the business may opt to just not have someone else cover for them. That is when someone may open the mail and see the “closed” bank account is actually not closed and has transactions in it. Those transactions may be evidence of an embezzlement.

Rita Crundwell, the queen of pink collar crime, was found out while on vacation. She was a long-term trusted employee and actually took vacations because she was so secure in her job. But that is when it all unraveled.

This is just something to consider if there is no segregation of duties.

Happy Summer and I hope your employees are vacationing for longer than a couple of days.


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