Gaining Momentum

Everyone time someone asks me what I do I try to give the 30 second elevator speech on being a certified fraud examiner.  What happens though is that when I talk about working with people who have been embezzled especially by a trusted female employee that is what gets them interested.  It seems as though everyone knows someone who has either been ripped off by a Pink Collar Criminal or is the victim themselves of a Pink Collar Criminal.  This is what keeps me going.  I think the term Pink Collar Crime is gaining momentum.  Professor Kelly Pope of DePaul University has just launched a new website:  Check it out. And additionally Crossing the Line: Ordinary People Committing Extraordinary Crimes is a documentary that has recently come out. In March Professor Pope has another Crossing the Line: Pink Collar Crimes.  I am happy to see that other people are just as interested in Pink Collar Crime as I am.  I am going to be interviewed by Professor Pope for her upcoming article in the Journal of Accountancy about Pink Collar Criminals.  Stay tuned.