It’s Not Getting Any Easier for Women to Become CEOs But It Is For Them to Become Pink Collar Criminals

I saw the Huffington Post headline and immediately was drawn in. The statistics are not great for women to become CEOs. In 2015 only one woman in the U.S became a S&P 500 CEO and it’s not looking good to hold the number at 20 with Marissa Mayer’s current situation.

Female executives landed just 2.8 percent of the new chief executive jobs that opened up last year around the world, according to the analysis of 2,500 global public companies. Put another way, there were 359 open CEO slots last year and women filled just 10. That’s the lowest percentage since 2011.

So what does this have to do with Pink Collar Crime? Well the stats show in 10 year period that women embezzlers outgrew men embezzlers by an increase of 42% over men increasing 2%. This came from the FBI for the period of 1994-2003. Statistics are hard to come by for embezzlement specifically because different jurisdictions may charge embezzlement cases as tax evasion or misdemeanor theft depending on loss. Also throw in the fact so many business owners decide not to contact law enforcement. That will be another post soon.

Why are the numbers increasing for pink collar crime? We have blogged about this before but many more women have entered the work force. Women are the primary breadwinners in 40% of households according to Pew Research.

Women may not be breaking the glass ceiling but they are breaking statistics for embezzlement. It’s a growing demographic that won’t stop soon.

So don’t worry about not promoting your best employee to CEO. After all only one woman was hired as a S&P 500 CEO in the US last year. Do worry about them getting on The Ladies of PCC also known as the Pink Collar Hall of Shame.