Primary Breadwinners Equals Embezzlement Arrests Increase?

According to the Pew Research Center  women now make up 40% of the primary breadwinners.  What does this mean as it relates to Pink Collar Crimes?  It may mean there will be continued growth in female embezzlers.  I don’t think the Pew Research Center thought of an increase in embezzlement cases due to this advance.  As more and more women are dependent as the primary breadwinner they may feel even more pressure in the Fraud Triangle.  It may be solely up to them to feed and clothe and shelter their families. 

As a business owner it is even more important that you pay attention to your employees’ lifestyles.  A dentist in Georgia recently found out his office manager had not one but two houses in Florida.  This caused him to take a deeper look at his books.  Guess what?  His office manager paid herself $800k, her husband $600k and her daughter $600k.

This is an exciting time for women in the workplace.  But let’s still be paying attention to our employees.  If it doesn’t seem right it may not be right.  You can ask a lot of victims of Pink Collar Criminals how they found out they were getting ripped off.  You will find that the audit did not uncover it.  It was something like a tip, not being able to come to work and finding the errant bank statement or payment to an unknown credit card or even the bank calling and asking about a payment or deposit.