The Not So Secret Club

This past week I have met three people who all have been touched by Pink Collar Crime.  The employees who stole were the “most trusted” in the office.  They were as one doctor’s wife said “the second wife” for the doctor.  She knew exactly what he needed to do in the office and used her skills in order to gain access to his funds.  When people first meet me and ask me what I do they somewhat sheepishly probe deeper.  Then it comes out that either they or someone close to them has been a victim of a pink collar criminal.  It is almost as if they are embarrassed.  They should not be.  Unfortunately for society they are in good company, especially if they are a dentist.  These are highly educated people who are very good at their clinical skills or specific business.  What they also are is extremely busy building their business.  They did not become dentists or doctors to learn Excel or play with Pivot Tables.  Do you want a dentist to drill your teeth who is thinking about his books or someone who spends his time learning about how to make this the best procedure possible.  So don’t be embarrassed.  Pink Collar Crime happens to some very smart people who just happen to be too trusting or too busy making their clients and patients happy. 

I would be happy to hear your stories of you or “a friend” you know who has been a victim of a Pink Collar Criminal.