Who is reading this blog??

I have been asked to see who is reading the blog and if you might relate to the blog because you have been convicted of this type of theft. 

 Are you the last person someone would expect has been to prison?

*Did you feel like you didn't “fit in” while you were incarcerated?

*Were your family and friends shocked that you were even arrested?

*Were you charged with a "white collar" crime?

*Did you do time because of something your husband, boyfriend or best friend did?

If this sounds like you or someone you know – we want to hear from you!

A groundbreaking production company is currently searching for stories from women between the ages of 25-55 for a new documentary television show that will challenge conventional thought about the “type” of person who does time.

If are interested in sharing your story and shedding light on your unique experience please contact us. At this time all information is PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL and will NOT be used for broadcast unless specified in writing at a later date. For now, we just want to hear your story and you will be completely ANONYMOUS if you prefer.

There is pay if you are selected and agree to be on the show.

If you fit in the above categories please contact me at Kelly@financialcaseworks.com.  I will pass your information on to the casting company.  We would love to talk with you.