CBS Pink Collar Crimes Episode 3 Recap

Watching Episode 3 was interesting because of the psychic angle but again not a pink collar crime. The detective, Bob Nygaard, is a psychic crime fighter,, and it was interesting hearing about him working with victims of Gina Marie Marks.

Marks even has a Wikipedia page, Marks is scheduled to be sentenced this month in Florida for ripping off victims in the amount of $340k+. Nygaard thinks Marks has stolen in the millions from victims.

I see Marks as a con artist/grifter. She is not a pink collar criminal. She is a serial con artist with numerous arrests for fraud and aggravated theft. She has not stolen while being employed in a work setting.

One thing in common with pink collar crimes is the embarrassment of the victims. Marks’ victims were embarrassed. I can’t tell you how many people are too embarrassed to prosecute. This is how the fraudsters keep on doing this.

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