CBS Pink Collar Crimes Episode 2 Recap

This episode was about Jackie Stanfill, BOP 48600-074, and her white collar crime of stealing $9 million from investors in Knoxville, TN. Notice white collar crime not pink collar crime. Jackpot Jackie - would you ever invest with a financial planner who introduced herself as that? Her lifestyle had numerous pink flags. Fantastic trips, jewelry, entertaining that was all over the top. She “flaunted her wealth” according to a friend. Kind and generous is how she was described. Easy to do when it’s other peoples’ money. The FBI described the case as having a lack of sophistication. Jackie used paper, scissors, and glue to doctor the statements. This case is similar to many pink collar schemes in that it was not complicated. A similarity to pink collar crimes was the funds were all gone. Jackie spent every dime on her “extravagant lifestyle.” The only thing I heard that is in common with pink collar criminals is how the victims felt towards her. They were taken in by her personality. They trusted her. But at the end of the debacle, they were hurt beyond the loss of the money. Jackie’s sister in law who lost money stated: “What Jackie took from us was not just money..." #moneyisreplaceable