Does it start with tater tots?

Two sisters have been arrested for a theft in excess of $500k at a school in New Canaan, CT. This is not the first lunch lady embezzlement. The sisters are thought to have stolen for over 15 years. The case was discovered by a complaint filed. #tipsfindfraud

In my old neighborhood, another woman was arrested for stealing between $300-500k from her employer, Sodexo, at UW Oshkosh. Anderson said she needed the money because her children were heavily involved in sports. She spent the money on sports camps, hotel stays, and related expenses. A friend knows her and said “super nice and I’m totally shocked.” She apparently was also in charge of concessions for a high school. #betterlookthere

Another lunch lady in Virginia allegedly stole $250k "The working environment in 2010 was such that cafeteria staff members felt uncomfortable reporting unusual gifts and expenditures by Williams for fear of losing their jobs. Nevertheless, one brave employee stepped up to blow the whistle.” If you can’t trust the lunch ladies who can you trust? It may have started small but the thefts increased over time. #stealingfromkids #pinkcollarcrime