Instant Questions

The story starts with a woman stealing over $700k from a medical practice.

Right then my mind goes into overdrive with a checklist of questions. Here are just a few:

  • How did she get caught? Manning went on sick leave to undergo surgery for about six weeks.

  • Who caught her? Temporary employee.

  • Did an audit catch the theft? FBI officials said it is not unusual for the national accounting firm that oversaw CVI to fail in catching embezzlement going on over the course of several years.

  • How long did this go on for? “Between October 2014 and April 2018, Manning embezzled $610,011 from the Trustmark account and $84,000 from the Hancock account, resulting in the removal of $694,012,” officials wrote. ”... Manning completed over 600 individual fraudulent transactions...”

  • Did she go to trial? No. Angela Lynn Manning, 52, pleaded guilty Dec. 20 to five counts of federal wire fraud charges in connection with the case. 

  • Is she sorry? “I don’t even know how it blossomed into this and I get to be this person,” she told investigators after her arrest.

  • How did it start? Manning “would manipulate the businesses’ Quickbooks to appear as if the money had been used to pay a vendor,” officers wrote. Manning “would then cash the checks or deposit them straight into her personal bank account.”

Then the victim questions. This is about the business. That is what I am interested in. 

  • How does the business move forward?

  • How do they come to work? 

  • How have they changed?

  • What are their thoughts toward their business post theft?

  • Did they make substantial changes and hopefully internal controls? 

  • Who helped them do this?

  • How has the theft affected them financially in the longer term?

  • How has the theft affected their relationships with employees, boards, clients?

My goal for 2019 is to learn even more about the victims. Even when the suspect goes to jail and it’s technically over, what do they do to recover? I have seen the short-term effects but what about the longer-term effects? If you have stories please let me know.