CBS Pink Collar Crimes Episode 7 Recap

Shoot. Me. Now. That’s what I thought during this episode. There is nothing in this episode that is related to pink collar crimes. It’s completely based on gender and I can’t tell you how disappointed I am in the series. They have done nothing to look at the actual basis of the term pink collar crime. For them, it is sensational for ratings only.

I have spoken and written for years about pink collar crime. Yes, I have focused on women but only because they are the majority of the cases I follow about embezzlement.

Next week’s episode is about a PTA mom that embezzles. Now that is the definition. I can’t write anything else about this week’s episode because it is so off topic.

I would like to thank the show for drawing attention to my website. My Google analytics have been awesome. They have made the term more mainstream but not in a good way. I can hope that people take the time to learn about embezzlement. Marcia Clark should know better. #disappointed

Stay tuned for potentially a real pink collar criminal next week.