Grey’s Anatomy, ER, House

At a dinner last night I brought up the True Crime CBS series, Pink Collar Crimes, and how they got so much wrong and made it so sensational. My nurse friend said now you get it. All the years she has heard everyone asking her if she works with Dr. McDreamy or Dr. Gregory House. She went on to say how the shows are all about entertainment and not real life generally speaking. She deals with everyday cases and insurance and family members.

There is drama but nothing like what we saw on CBS’ Pink Collar Crimes. A lot of my job is listening to the victims and telling them it will get better. Much like my nurse friend.

Marcia Clark got it wrong about confessions. The Episode 8 recap received several comments about how they get confessions regularly and certainly not “never” as Clark said.

The good side of the show is now more people know the term Pink Collar Crime. They also saw 2 cases out of 8 that were true pink collar. It happened at a PTA and at small businesses by a fake accountant. They both happened when the victims trusted the perpetrator. The women weren’t stereotypical “bad guys.” But remember it’s the position and not the gender.

Stay tuned for more real pink collar crimes. I may not have Marcia Clark but I have real-life stories.